A range of services to clients all over the world, whether in person or via video conference.

How it works

You get in touch with me and either we speak over the phone or better still, get together and I listen to what it is you need from a training course. We can then work together to produce something that will delight, engage and will have practical benefits to your people.

Conferences & away days

Your CEO stands up, delivers the 'State of the Nation' address, the CFO delivers results and projections (both mention 'synergistic strategies going forward'). I then get up, deliver a passionate, engaging & entertaining talk about a fascinating subject around human communication. Everyone laughs, learns a thing or two and leaves happy. You look good!

One 2 one

Occasionally people prefer the privacy and confidentiality afforded by being seated at a table with me. They can then ask for help and advice regarding all manner of things, be it presenting, winning more work, improving business relationships or gaining promotion. Whether it's 45 minutes or 3 hours, I am increasingly asked for this type service.

Feedback for Nick Davies

Nick handled a random diverse audience at a large conference like a conductor of a world class orchestra. There was never any doubt that he was in charge of the proceedings but he brought the entire audience with him every step of the way. Nick's enthusiasm was infectious and he shared real stories and experiences which delegates could connect with and it's those connections that he uses that make his message and the learning stick...

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How to be great at the stuff you hate

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