Networking Training

Very few people like networking and yet most would describe themselves as sociable individuals who enjoy the company of others and can relax, chat and get on with almost anyone. It's just seems so false and just a little bit awkward.

What you will Learn

You'll learn the first 3 stages of intimacy (and maybe even 4 and 5!), how to build rapport with anyone and bond with them simply by chatting about the weather, weekends & holidays. You'll know how to initiate conversation as well as end them without making excuses like 'I need the loo' and without being rude. Finally, you will learn a fool proof way to follow up with contacts without becoming a pain in the backside.

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The Little Book of Networking

A PDF version of a booklet that is designed to be a handy little reminder of the main aspects of stuff covered during the networking skills course, which is why I dish out a printed version at the end. It will give you flavour of the things covered in the course but is not designed to be the only thing you ever read as part of improving your ‘getting on with people’ skills.

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How to be great at the stuff you hate

2 years in the making with a cast of one:
A book containing all the stuff I bang on about.
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