Business Development Training

Some organisations refer to it as 'Business Development', others as 'Rainmaking' and some, 'Client Relationship Management' but whatever your preferred nomenclature, it's selling.

What you will Learn

If you are going to improve your success in selling, you need a system or model to follow. Well, I have one and it works! I know it works because people tell me it does and I have been using it for over 30 years, so there! I'll share the model I use: TARGET, CONNECT, MEET & ASK and provide you with all the dead easy things to do to make it easy for people to buy from you.

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Book of Business Development

A PDF version of a booklet that is designed to be a handy little reminder of the main aspects of stuff covered during the business development course, this is the 'no frills, paired down to the bone version of my book: 'How to be Great at the Stuff You Hate', which you should buy from amazon now because if you like the booklet you are going to love the book.

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How to be great at the stuff you hate

2 years in the making with a cast of one:
A book containing all the stuff I bang on about.
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