Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation Training

You were at your very best at persuading and influencing people when you were a babe in arms. You had to be, but now you think about it far too much. This course will reconnect you with your innate talent to persuade.

What you will Learn

Apart from how to use the 6 ways human beings are persuaded most effectively, you'll also learn to deliver your message with maximum, persuasive effect. Knowing when and how to make offers is key, as is the ability to deal with difficult people at the negotiating table. And you'll be all over bottom lines, BATNAs and ZOPAs!

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Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

A PDF that is designed to be a handy little reminder of the main aspects of stuff covered during the influence and persuasion skills course. It will give you flavour of the things covered in the course but is not designed to be the only thing you ever read as part of improving your 'powers of persuasion' skills.

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How to be great at the stuff you hate

2 years in the making with a cast of one:
A book containing all the stuff I bang on about.
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